Medic M35 EF 66 DD Army Eastern Front Medic

This is a M35 DD EF 66 Army with a rough over paint of sand, stone, and woodchips!!The liner system has never been out of the helmet, pins are straight.The helmet has KILLER history in Russia, its not of those medics thats painted white with the red crosses all over it, Russian snipers liked them, as you know they were not members of the Geneva Convention! 

The owner was a medic, or sanitats Feldw. Auch Muller FPNr.05285 belonged to:

1. War Hospital, war Hospital Section 667, from late 1942 became FPNr.03069

9.10.1943 1 Train Medic Company 330,330 Infantry Division.

2.3.1944 2 Train Medic Company 367, 367 Infantry Division.

24.1.1945 Medic Company 367,367 Infantry Divison.

Incidently 367 Infantry Division was formed 15.11.1943 from the disbanded 330 Infantry Division in Central Russia.

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