Soldbuch with war crimes Soldbuch of Josef Moser, born 05 September 1905. The soldbuch was started 29 January 1944. He was initially assigned to Grenadier Reserve Battalion199 in Bad Reichenhall and he was listed as a Grenadier. That designation was later crossed out and changed to Kanonier. Entries in the Soldbuch indicate that on 21 April 1944 he was with Werfer Reserve and Training Battalion 4. On 29 September 1944 he was still with that same unit. On page 4 his field units are listed as 1945 with Heavy Werfer Regiment 22 4th Batterie, and later with the same regiment, but with 5th Batterie. Heavy Regiment 22 was set up in February 1945, so I would assume this Kanonier was assigned to the new unit during its set up in February 1945. It was immediately deployed to the Saar Palatinate and assigned to the Volks Werfer Brigade 18 under the 1st Army. This is where this Soldbuch gets really interesting. My research into the Heavy Werfer Regiment 22 lead me to an incident I had never heard of. In late April 1945 the regiment had broken out and was traveling through Bavaria. On April 27 and 28, 1945 the Bavarian Freedom Action group (FAB) declared Nazi rule over and basically staged a revolt to try to end any more loss of life and destruction in the Bavarian area. The so called Freiheitsaktion Bayern occurred just when the Heavy Werfer Regiment 22 was traveling in the immediate area of Penzberg in Bavaria. They assisted in putting down this "revolt" in Penzberg with a vengeance. Called the Penzberg Mordnacht the regiment either hung or shot 14 men and 2 women. On June 14, 1948 the commander of the regiment, Obersleutnant Berthold Ohm, was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to 15 years. A Batterie chief and a battalion commander were also charged but were acquitted. I've no doubt this man was there and always wondered what part he did or didn't play. All pages with entries are shown. There is old discolored tape on the spine.

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